An innovation paradox

Earlier this week, I presented at the 10th Annual Health Plan Innovation Summit, which highlighted and inspired innovation across all arms of health plan marketing. Those who don’t live and breathe the healthcare sphere may not consider it a launch pad for innovation, but, they’d be wrong. (That’s not the paradox I want to cover.)

We all know that the fabric of marketing has changed. Channels as we traditionally knew them have changed. The way consumers interact… correction: dictate interaction with brands has certainly changed; and emerging technologies change daily.

Health plan marketers take on these challenges like any other vertical, but with added pressure that at the bottom line is their members’ health and well-being. These organizations tightly scrutinize marketing investments decisions to ensure they’re offering the absolute most to their members. It’s the right thing to do.

However, we must not let legacies and cultures rooted in performance stop us from innovating.

Sue Schick of UnitedHealthcare Community & State shared an inspiring success story of the group’s Real Appeal weight loss program. At the core of their success? The understanding that their launch required an iterative process – to learn and likely pivot as they advanced – knowing they had a big end goal in sight. If they had stopped at their first road bump (or “blocker,” as we refer to it in our Agency Agile practice), they would have never reached their potential. Instead, they persevered and to-date, have helped over 100,000 people lose over 1 million pounds.

The Summit offered several similar stories of ongoing optimization – a spirit that, at Serum, we’re always hoping to instill in our clients. Because we know healthcare offers that launching pad to innovate and, in the long run, to make a difference in people’s well-being.

So, if you aren’t already, get on the innovation train, because it’s bolting ahead.