HackerAgency Cannes Lions Innovation Session will Help Save the Internet of Things

Haydn Sweterlitsch, global chief creative officer at HackerAgency, an Interpublic Group global digital/CRM agency, will introduce a new strategy on the Discovery stage at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, to prepare marketers to proactively overcome challenges brands will face in the Internet of Things, also called the IoT. Sweterlitsch has invited author, cyborg anthropologist and TED talk veteran Amber Case to join him on stage. At 11:30 CET on June 21, Sweterlitsch, supported by Case’s “calm technology” research, will explain why as the IoT changes how we relate to technology, marketers need to change how they talk to customers—and how these environmental shifts will force the interruptive nature of marketing to evolve into what Sweterlitsch calls the Atmospheric Approach.


The concept behind the Atmospheric Approach is to use Calm Design to create marketing that does not add to the noise of the connected world. Sweterlitsch will explain how the Atmospheric Approach enables marketing to quietly integrate into a customer’s peripheral awareness. This enables marketing to effectively "disappear" while engaging customers. The result is marketing that informs without interrupting and empowers without interfering. Like the earth’s atmosphere, the Atmospheric Approach to marketing is invisible, yet everywhere.


Sweterlitsch explained, “Marketing is stuck in an age of interruptive design that could prove a liability as the Internet of Things gains traction. To survive and remain relevant, it is essential for marketing to integrate into the buyer’s environment without distracting. This is the reason we developed the Atmospheric Approach.


“What marketers can do this instant with data to fuel marketing is already the stuff of science fiction—and it’s only going to deepen, broaden and accelerate. We know more, but consumers want less. Brands need to evolve to an approach that attracts without distracting. That’s what the Atmospheric Approach solves for.”


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