HackerAgency Promotes Tom Reid to Lead New Stand-Alone Health Insurance Business Unit

SEATTLE, WA (August 20, 2015)—After launching a health insurance-focused practice in 2010, HackerAgency, a digital/direct marketing agency, is amplifying its industry focus by forming a new stand-alone health insurance business unit. Operating out of the agency’s worldwide headquarters in Seattle, the business unit, known as Serum, enables HackerAgency to grow and operate a dedicated business with a holistic health care consumer perspective, while tapping the broad, multichannel CRM expertise the HackerAgency is known for.

Leading Serum is 10-year agency veteran Tom Reid, who was recently named HackerAgency Vice President of Health Care. Reid will serve as chief strategist, and will expand Serum’s footprint with health insurance and health care partners’ intent on generating improved marketing and sales ROI in this highly regulated, ever-changing industry.

On the agency’s strategy behind focusing an entire business unit on health care, HackerAgency President and CEO Spyro Kourtis stated, “We created Serum for two reasons: to build out a dedicated operation to address the future growth we expect based on the continued expansion of our health care practice work, and second, to funnel and focus the team’s extensive knowledge in health insurance and broader health industry markets.” Kourtis added, “Tom Reid is a true health care marketing strategist with a firm beat on where the industry is headed, and we’re delighted to have his talent leading this unit.”

Tom Reid, HackerAgency Vice President of Health Care said, “We are thrilled to open the doors to Serum by announcing that we are partnering with Affinity Health Plan to launch their new Medicare Advantage marketing program.” Reid added, “Affinity and other health insurance clients will benefit from our experience in managing some of the most complex and integrated health care marketing campaigns. We are excited to showcase our sophisticated data innovation, unrivaled testing capabilities and direct marketing creative skills.”

Because data security is of utmost importance in health care marketing, Serum shares HackerAgency’s ISO 27001 certification and is fully equipped to manage complex data sets and source files securely.

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