HackerAgency to Co-Present with Bing Ads at DMA Conference in October

Bing Ads has transformed itself and brought new value to its small business customers by blending technology, data and creative for greater relevance and engagement. This topic encompasses both the B2B and B2C realms. In this session, you’ll discover how context has enhanced content and how productization of marketing has refueled one of Microsoft’s biggest products.


Topic: From Challenger to Disruptor

Date: Oct. 5 (Monday)

Time: 2:30pm – 3:15pm

Track: Thought Leadership & Insight


Nickie Smith is the Global Marketing Director for Bing Ads at Microsoft. She is a digital veteran who has worked with Microsoft since 1997, marketing online brands in the UK, EMEA & worldwide. She joined the Bing Ads team two years ago and now leads a team dedicated to Global Relationship Marketing. This team is responsible for driving the customer engagement strategy to grow revenue and retain existing advertisers worldwide.


As Global Chief Creative Officer, Haydn Sweterlitsch leads the HackerAgency departments that bring brand messages to life and compel customer action—creative, motion graphics, user experience, design and front-end development. He oversees work for all HackerAgency clients, including Microsoft Bing, AT&T and Uber. Haydn’s creative work has been recognized by the Caples, Addys, Webbys, ECHOs and more.

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