Size Doesn’t Matter: It’s How You Use Big Data

Everyone seems to want, need or have Big Data these days. Marketers and technologists have been seduced by vendors with promises of customer delight delivered through Big Data. However, the morning-after haze is now clearing up, and business people and technologists alike are realizing that building a Big Data infrastructure does not magically deliver the desired business results. To achieve that, data must first be accepted as a strategic asset of the organization and infused into the company's DNA in an operational way.

Demographic and psychographic data is typically well-formed, and historically, integrating it was a matter of dealing with its quality, completeness, and scale. Cheaper processors, memory, storage, and database technology have addressed that hurdle. The introduction of digital tracking, social media, blogs, and other unstructured data sources introduced Big Data's Vs: Volume, Velocity, Veracity, and Versatility. Technologies, such as Hadoop, have enabled technologists to organize that data in a business-friendly cycle-time. Done! So what's the problem?

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