The Value of a Production Team

This is my jam. I’ve been discovering errors in print and movies for as long as I can remember. When I saw the movie “Halloween” for the first time, I couldn’t get past the fact that it was supposed to take place in Illinois, but all the cars had California license plates.


Through the years, I never went so far as to carry a red pen and fix mistakes … but I really wanted to. [Fast forward to the present…]


I get it. Things move fast and deadlines get moved up. But to fail to submit projects to proofreading or the production department may end in a disaster—one that will live forever on the Internet. I can’t stress enough the value that production artists and proofreaders provide.


In this segment I’ll take you through what I like to call “Errors in the Wild: When Proofreaders and Production Artists Aren’t Utilized, Bad Things Happen”.


Item 1. Proofreading? Nope. This is from an app that a PRESIDENTIAL candidate released. 

Source. He didn’t get elected.



Item 2: What can happen when nobody thinks about the end use of a traditional OOH media buy—this is NOT just a horizontal banner.

Source. Hmmm, I wonder how many flights Turkish Airlines booked after this air disaster?

Item 3: Sometimes you need to ask more questions.

Source. This would’ve worked perfectly on a serial killer van.



Item 4: Subway advertising that will be seen by millions over the run duration.


The moral of the story is to utilize your proofreaders and production artists … they are there to make everything that you do shine.