China GM Chairs Retail Summit

Good CRM systems drive customer loyaltyCindy Huang to chair Customer Loyalty in Retail Summit China on June 22

According to a report issued by the China Chain Store & Franchise Association (CCFA), member retailers in China have seen profits fall for five consecutive years. Loyalty programs are more important than ever in China. CRM experts are using data in new ways, to drive business decisions and gain competitive advantage.


HackerAgency’s Cindy Huang, General Manager for China, will chair the first day of the upcoming Customer Loyalty in Retail Summit China, which will take place June 22-23. Cindy will also address the audience with a presentation titled, “Identifying the Essential Small Data Which Applies for Your Business Models and Priorities” on June 22.


Her session will cover the following aspects:


  • Converting data flow derived from multiple channels and across devices into monetary flow
  • Utilizing real-life insights to conduct highly cash-convertible customer engagements
  • Pinning down prioritized target markets that have optimized monetary conversion rates
  • Protecting your business from spam and less useful data with data analytics


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