Why giving back matters to me.

I’m lucky. In fact, I count my stars on a fairly regular basis. I was born in a family who cared for and wanted me - and from there I made my own luck. Things haven’t always been easy. But, I consider myself well-prepared for the challenges that I have faced along the way. Perhaps also guided by that family I referred to earlier, I have always been extremely sensitive (okay maybe even too sensitive) to social challenges and people less fortunate than myself. It’s the luck factor. The fact that I have my health, and the tools to succeed – but not everyone starts out that way.


For all those reasons and more, I gain energy and am motivated by helping others.  Sometimes this can be as simple as making a financial donation – but in recent years I have found reward in the fulfillment and satisfaction of donating marketing expertise.  A gift “in kind”.


Our agency has a history of philanthropy. It goes way back to the beginning and our founders, and continues years later, with all new people, in all new ways.


Most recently, our work with the National Millennial Association really struck a chord. So many of the realities of the digital age are positive – especially in such an exciting profession as marketing. But when we are faced with the worst of the underbelly of the social digital phenomena – like cyberbullying – it’s awful and just plain sad. Each day people hide behind the internet to share unkind thoughts and far worse. I’m proud of the vision that our team had to execute this work – putting people face to face to share the hateful words that can only be uttered with comfort when anonymous. In these videos, there is nowhere to hide. This is as it should be.


For the past six-years I have dedicated much of my free time to a cause that is especially meaningful to me. Family Law CASA gives a voice to the most vulnerable in our community. Kids who have no one looking out for them and no government funding to support them. The work that CASA advocates do can be hard to explain quickly. That’s the beauty behind the advocate interviews we held.


The list goes on. We have numerous other initiatives right now in the agency that are different yet every bit as important as those listed here. I hope that this spirit of giving sparks you to do something you find meaningful – and that it is contagious.