During a year mixed with constant unrest—politically, personally (yeah “COVID-somnia” we’re looking at you), and pandemically—it’s amazing that, when reflecting back on our work, 2020 was full of successes. What’s not surprising is that we can attribute all of our “highs” to teamwork, soup to nuts. 

And, now—at the risk of sounding like a bunch of loons—here are our Top 3 2020 Direct Marketing Highlights.

1. Big Data Management = BIG-time results.

A tremendous amount of information can lead you to a lot of customer insights that can be leveraged across your communications. BIG deal, right? It can also mean a big ol’ soupy mess of numbers and details if you don’t have the proper data environment and processes in place.

Our data team worked tirelessly (or, shall we say, restlessly) from their home offices, drinking a great many cups of coffee, and brainstorming via video conference to achieve continual improvements on established systems. The result? Their caffeine-induced drive for efficiencies enabled:

  • our account team to more easily translate client goals into winning strategies
  • our creative team to develop content that resonated with each individual recipient in new and meaningful ways
  • provided a means for us to more easily (and quickly) align with our print vendors
  • helped our project managers keep all of the above in line and on time.

These efficiencies also set us on a path to achieving #2 on this list. And, lead to the discovery of this delightful mug warmer – cheers!

2. Hyper-Personalization ISN’T Getting Too Personal.

At the onset of 2020, hyper-personalization was at the top of MANY marketing trend lists. And it’s no wonder that, in a year full of distancing, people needed acknowledgement (via hyper-personalization). Recognizing and meeting people where they were—paired with the unique truth that we were all “in this together”—allowed us to tap into an invaluable resource for resonance and action: common ground.

Utilizing data to not only glean insights, but speak directly to individual consumers in ways that are familiar signified a shift. Where once it was taboo for brands to get personal with customers, it’s now expected—in fact, NOT leveraging baseline personalization to acknowledge a consumer by name, location, or relationship with a brand will likely decrease performance.

Notes for 2021? Continue innovating on customer engagements through hyper-personalization a la partnership with our clients and awesomeness of our data team.

3. It’s Exciting to Get Mail Again.

As direct marketers, we spend a great deal of time, and have tested into a great many best practices, crafting work that grabs attention and drives action. We were prepared to stand out amongst the usual competitors and primed to stand out amidst the onslaught of political mailers leading up to Election Day 2020. The unknowns due to unprecedented upheaval, however, admittedly had us a little uneasy: How would consumer behavior change in this new homebody economy? If most of us were hunkered down at home for what felt (and feels) like YEARSSSSS, how might we react to something as routine as opening the mail?

Turns out that trip to the mailbox has become a highlight in our days again. From not-for-profit fundraising to Medicare enrollment, direct mail engagement was up. In some cases way, WAY up.

Nuts, right?!

This year, we hope to find more silver linings and would love the opportunity to share them with you. Want to hear more about how our team handles tremendous complexity with a great deal of efficiency, soup to nuts? Let’s talk.