Improving Sales Conversion with Content

We see direct marketing as more than creative – it’s an extension of sales. Whether it be traditional mail, email, social media, digital, or even tv, our clients are looking for direct marketing that delivers a bottom-line impact. This provides us with a focus to pursue ways to aid conversion with our work. We can’t control the whole equation. But we can do our part – generating leads and interest, while keeping sales at the forefront.

It’s a tale as old as time. But this year, our tale started a new chapter. Let’s call it the Covid-chapter. Suddenly our paradigms of how to purchase were altered.  Our change in habits, including staying home – all the time, invited some unexpected upsides.

Turns out, you can do pretty much everything from home! But some sales and decisions are more intricate than others. Choosing a Medicare Advantage plan is one of those things. It’s complicated. Whether in the Annual Election Period, when there is the option to switch plans, or for those new to Medicare, when everything is new. There’s a lot to consider.

Meeting our audience where they are – online

According to Pew, screen time has increased for those in their 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond, and the rise is consistent across genders and education levels. Pre-pandemic people 60 and older were spending half of their leisure time looking at screens. This rise in screen time coincided with significant growth in the adoption of digital technology by older Americans. 

While the pandemic changed some things, big sales goals were persistent, as was the pressure our clients faced.

Using content to build a bridge for sales

As with any successful sales strategy, we wanted to align our marketing solutions to be consistent with the established sales processes. Pre-pandemic this was most often done via selling seminars.

We evolved to embrace behavior where our audience is already comfortable, their screens. Enter video content built to support, inform, and nurture decision making.

From Selecting the Right Medicare Plan to Understanding Medicare Enrollment, our video content was built to help nurture complicated decision-making processes. Building a bridge of content people can access when they want, from where they want. Always on.

We were all pushed to see things a little differently when the pandemic altered our behavior, including embracing new channels for acquisition.

How has your marketing changed since the pandemic? Let’s talk.