Media Mix Optimization: Three Winning Combos to Increase Performance

Media mix optimization (MMO) has become a mandatory approach for marketers—increasing marketing effectiveness and customer engagement while tightening up inefficiencies in marketing spend. MMO is how we were able to achieve more 1:1 hyper-personalized campaigns during last year’s AEP season—which, in turn, resulted in higher consumer engagement (and Medicare Advantage enrollment) for our clients. …All during a global pandemic and while competing with the noise of the U.S. Presidential election.

Here, we share our top three winning media mixes that increase performance. But, first… a bit about why each dynamic duo includes direct mail.

Direct mail may not come to mind when strategizing how to best reach the modern consumer in today’s ever-changing landscape of always-on digital lifestyles. But here’s the thing: direct mail is the most consistent performer when it comes to the senior market and, especially after the digital saturation and fatigue that engulfed 2020, direct mail provides an offline experience that people are craving – providing a personal touch that’s become even more powerful.

  • ~ 66% of direct mail is opened AND reviewed
  • The average direct mail response rate for prospect lists was 4.9% last year
  • And, according to Deft Research, 45% of Medicare Advantage switchers were prompted to shop for a new plan after receiving a piece of direct mail in 2020

So, now that we can all agree direct mail has to be part of your media mix optimization game, here are the Three Winning Combos to Increase Performance for AEP 2022:

1. Direct Mail and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Pairing the 1-to-1 approach of direct mail with SEM, marketers are able to capture the “active seekers” and guide their next steps online, whether that be to set up a consultation, complete a lead form for information, or begin plan enrollment. And, with generic “Medicare Advantage” searches up +220% last year during quarantine/AEP last year, you can bet these seniors will be researching online again this year.

2. Direct Mail and Facebook Advertising

Facebook has proven to be where the Boomers (and age-ins) are consuming and sharing their information. And the customizable nature of Facebook Ads allows you to choose whether you want to boost your Facebook presence (brand, reviews, etc.) or use Facebook as a tool to get people to your website.

3. Direct Mail and List-Driven Digital

Digital display ads can get a bad rap in performance marketing. They are not as efficient at driving action as other channels and primarily are used in the brand space. But don’t count them out! When paired with direct mail and targeted to your direct mail list, you can see a performance lift in both channels. Yes, BOTH.

Using a targeted direct mail list to serve display ads keeps your costs down and efficiently uses a smaller budget. Digital display can work as a reminder to check out your company after receiving their 1-to-1 direct mail piece, and can push people to take the same actions as SEM and Facebook: consultation, lead form, enrollment, etc.

Of course, “being there” is just the beginning. Make sure you apply proven best practices specific to each of these mediums. Not quite sure what those are? Let’s talk.