Look Further to Elevate Every Single Aspect of a B2B Customer Lifecycle 

As the old saying goes, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. The Microsoft Bing Ads team has a big job managing the entire B2B CRM lifecycle on a global basis for small- to medium-sized businesses.

From acquisitions through retention and growth, the challenge Bing faces is multifold: it is not the clear market leader for search engine marketing, and many of the businesses in the target don’t understand SEM well enough to make truly informed decisions.

Our goal? To help acquire more customers, streamline retention efforts, reduce churn, and deploy a more cohesive marketing message across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC.

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CRM Lifecycle
- Strategy

- Email Creative
- Animation

for best results, dive deep

It all started with a rigorous strategic exploration to gain an understanding of the different audiences and challenges.

All programs were designed with a discrete objective within the customer lifecycle. Each touch is engineered to move the target to the next-best action in the customer pathway. They feature dynamic, customized, relevant offers and content with infinite decision trees built to support holistic relationship management.

award-winning work

For Dash for Agency, we didn’t just customize names—we went above and beyond. This program is tiled so that we can customize content for each customer and their needs. So, if your remarketing game is strong, but your budget it mostly going to other programs, we have a tile for a relocation of assets recommendation. Yeah, we get pretty granular. And it works! Recently, we won a Marcom Platinum Award for this program and its success.

Bring on the champagne! 

and then what?

Deployed in over 30 countries, this new B2B marketing customer acquisitions program was a winner, posting a 156% lift over previous campaigns. Retention KPIs have been impressive with some segments seeing nearly double their previous open rates and click-to-open rates.