Changing It All for AEP; When It Matters Most  

When Care N’ Care wanted to try something new with the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP)—they didn’t just change one thing. This Ft. Worth-based insurance company had aggressive goals—and they were willing to make (radical) changes to meet them.  

They partnered with HackerAgency to develop and launch a multi-touch integrated campaign leveraging search, direct response television, direct mail, and inserts. 

If you haven’t been involved or responsible for Medicare marketing, you may not be aware of the pressure-filled eight weeks in the fall that have become pivotal to Medicare business strategy. It’s the only time of year that most seniors can make a change to their Medicare Advantage coverage, so the noise during this time frame has a building crescendo.   

Care N' Care

Medicare Insurance

Medicare Eligible Seniors Consumers



For acquisition marketers, the stakes are high, and your goals are clear: Entice eligible seniors to switch to your plan during the Annual Enrollment Period. Goals were specified in both cost per new enrollment and number of members (proprietary). When we looked at Care N’ Care, we found they had something they needed to lean into—and hard. 

They offer the benefits a national insurance company can, but they are your neighbors. They are local. We differentiated Care N’ Care’s local approach by honing in on their Texas roots and leveraging their celebrity endorsements of local weather person Troy Dungan and MLB Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan. 

We know that service is an important distinction among switchers and we found a variety of ways to promote Care N’ Care’s great value and local service.

the result?

From our Spanish bilingual targeting and creative to our freestanding inserts that drove to sales seminars, our goal was steadfastevery communication was purposeful toward meeting our sales and conversion goals.  

Sometimes being bold really pays off. While expanding into new counties, Care N’ Care just completed their best season to date.  

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