Leading a Rebrand with Connections

Microsoft wanted to make sure that their transformation from Bing Ads to Microsoft Advertising inspired and sent a message about what the evolution of their brand and the offering it represented stood for.

Telling a story of AI and data-driven personalization yielding more relevant communications should be a straightforward message to convey, but headlines about privacy violations and data breaches make such messages more difficult than ever.

 To put their people-first marketing in the spotlight they wanted an anthem video.

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To develop our strategy, we dove deep into the pillars of Microsoft—intelligence, trust, and empowerment—to get to the story of this evolution. We told the story of connections between people and showcased the earned trust that people have in Microsoft’s brand that makes the value of human ingenuity possible.


Many marketers have heard of Artificial Intelligence (AI), but they’re not too quick to jump on it. Some see it as just another buzz word and others don’t even know what it is. What they do know is that they want to get closer to consumers—now. What they don’t see is that the intelligence that Microsoft Advertising offers exactly what they need to connect with consumers. Intelligence fosters human connection. And it’s all about connections. 


Customers demand that we use their data to curate playlists and anticipate their needs, but all too quickly, this gets scary. Open a paper on any given day and you will likely read about a security breach. Americans are having a harder time than ever trusting tech companies. But Microsoft knows that trust is earned. This is why they have put trust into their mission and spend $1 billion annually on cybersecurity. Microsoft is a trusted brand.


HackerAgency can speak first-hand to how Bing Ads empowers people. Bing Ads has been a client for more than five years. Throughout our partnership, we have told story after story of small business owners feeling empowered enough to tackle huge goals with Bing Ads. Bing Ads believes in people and they want them to go further.


When it came down to it, we needed an anthem. The HackerAgency and Microsoft Advertising teams worked together to take the rebrand manifesto to a powerful script. For the treatment of the 1:19 video, we decided to replicate the four quadrants of the Microsoft “flag” to be able to show one, two, three, or four scenes at a time. Being able to show multiple scenes was important, because we wanted to show a wide and diverse range of people. Microsoft is dedicated to diversity and inclusion within their offices, products, and advertising. We made sure diversity was reflected in this people-first spot, because we know that no two customers are the same and we know that is something Microsoft celebrates and champions. The customers who use Microsoft Advertising are not just businessmen behind computers, they are real people in the real world, working towards their business goals. 


The video debuted at the 2019 Microsoft Inspire Conference to announce the evolution to Microsoft Advertising teams and has since been used online, in social advertising and posts. Through our work and partnership with Microsoft, we also helped created the new tagline that really says it all, “Microsoft Advertising: Intelligent connections.” The new brand went live May 1st and we are beyond excited to be a part of it. Let’s go further—together.