Shooting for the Moon—and Featuring TV Stars—With Netflix

You know how every year naysayers predict something new will spell doom for Netflix? Well, that’s been happening since day one and we had a front row seat. Of course, it was easier to believe when they were being challenged by goliath Blockbuster in a true brand war. We’re proud to have played a part in their growth over almost a decade. 

It all started when Netflix did the unthinkable—the most radical and disruptive entertainment company in the industry dared to use offline marketing to drive online sales. They wanted more scale. And they dared to believe their digital would be enhanced by a traditional channel other than television—direct mail marketing.



United States

Direct Mail

That’s the ticket

We started by challenging their now-famous red ticket control within the context of our proprietary multi-variate testing methodology the PowerTest™. So began a best-in-class cycle of ongoing quarterly testing for continuous improvement.

Success evolved into other channels—win back, gift subscriptions, holiday, and referral programs—where direct mail was used in combination with email marketing.

When Netflix introduced streaming and disrupted themselves, we tested to identify the messaging that best explained streaming while driving trials just as cost effectively. Testing ahead of every change—devices and original content—helped keep an edge on a winning approach.

We even took it global—supporting entry within international markets across nine countries on three continents. Years of domestic free-trial generation was leveraged for successful launches in Canada, Brazil, UK, and the Nordics. 

Rave reviews

Results are proprietary but the length of the relationship speaks for itself. When we first partnered, Netflix had 750,000 customers. At the end of our relationship, HackerAgency had helped grow and retain Netflix’s subscriber base of 24,000,000 customers.