Client Partner, Third Story

Michael Goerz

Michael’s a high-performing, high-energy, results-obsessed strategic marketing leader. He’s followed his passion for both data-driven acquisition and CRM, leading client teams with a focus on marketing strategy for such brands as Microsoft, AT&T, Netflix, Amazon, Uber, Progressive, and SoFi. A Hacker veteran, Michael has spent 20+ years focused on client partnership. When he’s not cultivating client relationships, you’ll find Michael at our office turntable spinning jazz, hip-hop, or what he classifies as “anything you can eat dinner to like it’s 1950.” 

More to his story… 
Michael gets his mojo from his awesome family, dahlias, food and drink, travel, the drama of sports, watches, and his three Chihuahuas. 


Q+A with Michael

Q: What does “hustle” mean to you?  

A“Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week.”  There isn’t anything we can’t do to help our clients. We will always make a solution.  


Q: What was your first job?   

A: Technically, bagger at a Cleveland-area grocery store, but the high school job that I valued the most was as a page shelving books at the Parma Regional Library. I failed to get that job twice, but third time was a charm.  


Q: What’s your third favorite ice cream flavor?   

A: Mint Chocolate Chip 


Q: Your idea of an epic evening… 

A: Our evening begins with friends and family at Villa San Goerzo where the candlelight is just right, the hi-fi is in the background, and the wine is delicious. 


Q: What’s your definition of success?  

A: Find something you love to do and then… do it for the rest of your life.