Media Director

Eric Osgood

As Eric likes to say, he is a seasoned media professional. He’s managed awareness and acquisition programs for online educators, telecom carriers, health insurers and personal service providers as well as consumer electronics and business-to-business brands. And, Eric has a depth of experience at developing and executing integrated multi-media campaigns involving everything from the latest in digital to chalk drawings on sidewalks—truly.

More to his story…
Eric is an avid and active baller. Eric has been playing a weekly game with the same group of guys he met early in his advertising career. Fortunately, everyone’s ability has diminished at roughly the same rate.      


Q+A with Eric

Q: Tell us about a life-changing experience 

A: Just before high school my family moved to the suburbs. With fewer distractions and new, but smarter friends, I went from an average student to a pretty good student, which definitely put me on a better path. 


Q: What was your first job?   

A: I worked in a seafood store. It was always smelly, often bloody. Still, I am proud of my fish filleting and crab cleaning skills. 


Q: Your idea of an epic evening… 

A: I am a big sports fan and love going to games at night. An epic evening would start with dinner, going to the game (preferably basketball but since we don’t have a team, the ‘Hawks), my team winning, and a couple of cocktails after the game to celebrate the win. 


Q: What’s your third favorite movie?  

A: Rocky—I don’t know that it changed my life but if I am flipping through the channels and it’s on—I’m watching. 


Q: Who is the funniest person in your life?  

A: My sister. She has all of the history and knows all the inside jokes.