Data & Technology Officer

Jame Boyd

Jame leads the Information Technology team. He provides oversight and data infrastructure for HackerAgency’s database management capability, including data architecture, design and management of data and technology resources. Jame has 22 years of data management experience focused both on direct and digital marketing applications. He has provided data solutions to insurance, financial services and software industries and has extensive CRM integration experience in bringing disparate datasets into a cohesive view. In his 16 years at HackerAgency, Jame has worked with many of our largest and most complex clients, including AT&T, Highmark, FCB Health, Fallon Health, Medica, and HCSC, and World Vision.

Q+A with jame

Q: What does “hustle” mean to you?  

A: In the technology space as it applies to data, “hustle” means never ceasing to be curious about how to apply new technologies to client challenges.    


Q: What’s your third favorite movie?   

A: Third place would be a 26-way tie with all James Bond movies. Favorite movie would be Shawshank Redemption with second being Napoleon Dynamite.  


Q: What was your first job?  

A: Bagging groceries and stocking shelves at the local Safeway.  


Q: Hop in that time machine, quick! Now… where to?   

A: There is a long list of historical events that would be interesting to see and experience firsthand and I really could not choose one or even make a short list of those. One of my hobbies is model railroading, so I think I would go back and experience the prototype railroads throughout history that are of interest to me.