Creative director

Rachel Stevens

Rachel is a jane-of-all-trades in the creative world. She has worked with national and local companies to help bring their stories to life through commercials, digital ads, e-mails, billboards, and—her favorite—radio. Rachel believes in creative courage and instills those values in our creative team with every project that comes their way. Her motto? “It’s way easier to reel something in than make it weirder. So get weird.”

More to her story…
In her downtime (generated by lack of sleep), you’ll find Rachel conducting podcast interviews, riding her bike to discover new places, or playing cribbage with her husband in a dive bar.

Q+A with Rachel

Q: Tell us about a life-changing experience…

A: I was in a ski accident in 2013 where I almost died. Too dark? I’ll keep it short: Let that shit go and start living. And wear a helmet.   


Q: What does “hustle” mean to you?

A: I have been told “No. Sorry.” a lot in my life. With my hustle, I make it happen anyway. I was rejected from three graduate school programs. Then I started working for a company that ended up paying for my master’s degree in filmmaking. For three years, I worked 35 hours a week while going to school for 15 hours a week to make it happen. Hustlin’ hard.   


Q: Your idea of an epic evening?

A: In the summer, I get together with some friends on Wednesday evenings to play volleyball in a park. There are nights when the games are so epic and so much fun that we stay until it’s completely dark. Those nights are the best—filled with laughs, hoots, hollers, booze, food, friends. And I’m always ridiculously sore the next day. 


Q: If you had to evacuate the office, what would you grab?

A: My bike. (I ride in most days.) Hopefully it’ll help me escape faster. 


Q: What’s your definition of success?  

A: Ask me in thirty years.