Spyro Kourtis

Chief Executive Officer

Spyro Kourtis

Spyro has spent his career creating data-driven selling systems, focusing on provable, repeatable results in order to help companies grow. And, he’s done so for some pretty incredible brands: AT&T, IBM, Box, Hyatt, Carnival Cruise Lines, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Kawasaki, Microsoft, Comcast, Netflix—to name a few. In his down time, you’ll find Spyro sharing concepts and theories of direct marketing principles at conferences across the nation.

More to his story…
Spyro founded the Green Marketing Coalition, which is comprised of a group of marketers who meet to define and establish green marketing standards and guidelines.


Q: Tell us about a life-changing experience.

A: My journey to Africa with global humanitarian relief organization, World Vision, was a life-changing experience that exposed me to the staggering number of children and families inflicted with AIDS and the need to give back to both our local and global communities. Proud of our “giving back” initiatives as an agency.


Q: Your idea of an epic evening…

A: Dinner at home with my oh-so-lovely wife after a long business trip.


Q: If you had to evacuate the office, what one desk item would you save?

A: The picture of my family.


Q: Hop in that time machine, quick! Now… where to?

A: Athens during the Golden Age (5th-century BC).


Q: Who’s the funniest person in your life?

A: Me!