The Value of a Production Team

This is my jam. I’ve been discovering errors in print and movies for as long as I can remember. When I saw the movie “Halloween” for the first time, I couldn’t get past the fact that it was supposed to take place in Illinois, but all the cars had California license plates.

Through the years, I never went so far as to carry a red pen and fix mistakes … but I really wanted to. [Fast forward to the present…]

I get it. Things move fast and deadlines get moved up. But to fail to submit projects to proofreading or the production department may end in a disaster—one that will live forever on the Internet. I can’t stress enough the value that production artists and proofreaders provide.

In this segment I’ll take you through what I like to call “Errors in the Wild: When Proofreaders and Production Artists Aren’t Utilized, Bad Things Happen”.

Proofreading? Nah. This is just an app for a PRESIDENTIAL candidate. No biggie.

What can happen when nobody thinks about the end use of a traditional OOH media buy.

Sometimes you need to ask more questions.

Subway advertising that will be seen by millions over the run duration.

The moral of the story is to utilize your proofreaders and production artists… they are there to make everything that you do shine.