2020 Direct Marketing Highlights: Soup to…Nuts

During a year mixed with constant unrest—politically, personally (yeah “COVID-somnia” we’re looking at you), and pandemically—it’s amazing that, when reflecting back on our work, we’re able to identify 2020 Direct Marketing Highlights (aka: success stories that delivered incredible results). What’s not surprising is that we can attribute all of our “highs” to teamwork, soup to […]

Customer Centricity is New Again

New year, new list after list of trends to watch for in the coming months. Scouring these lists, you’ll find that there really are a lot of similarities across the marketing spectrum. Digital is rapidly working to humanize, while the marketing industry overall is experiencing a shift (back) to direct and more personal customer connections. […]

3 Key Elements to the Creative Process

When I initially sat down to consider the creative process, my first thought was “it takes time.” But we all know you rarely ever go with your first thought. And, we seldom ever get the time desired to execute said process. So, I had to sit back and actually consider, “How DO I work? When […]

Our Summer Reading List: You’ll Want to Bookmark This

“You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.”   – Ray Bradbury  POINT TAKEN. Whether you read to de-stress, recharge, learn something new, or to escape into another world or point in time, reading not only shapes you, but inevitably the world around you.    The world around […]

Stop! Collaborate and Listen.

As agencies shift to a global and mobile working style in a gig-based economy, the need to create a more collaborative work environment has become the norm. Thought being: If we tear down walls for an open-concept workspace and select the right communication tools and apps that allow people the freedom to work from anywhere, we’ll increase productivity, creativity and—hopefully—employee satisfaction.   […]

What Advertising can Learn from Game of Thrones

Spoiler Alert: Women have been slaying it for YEARS.   I LOVE GoT.   HBO’s Game of Thrones series has it all. And, I. LOVE. IT. ALL.  I love the diversity of characters, the richness of storylines, and drama that comes with a politically charged fantasy world where the supernatural is all but assumed. And dragons battle zombies, for reals.   After watching the highly […]