2020 Direct Marketing Highlights: Soup to…Nuts

During a year mixed with constant unrest—politically, personally (yeah “COVID-somnia” we’re looking at you), and pandemically—it’s amazing that, when reflecting back on our work, we’re able to identify 2020 Direct Marketing Highlights (aka: success stories that delivered incredible results). What’s not surprising is that we can attribute all of our “highs” to teamwork, soup to […]

Age-In Medicare Marketing in 2021: 5 Key Takeaways

2020 was unpredictable and full of disruption due to COVID-19. And, as Medicare marketers, we spent some time reflecting on our Age-in strategies: what we’ve learned from the past year, and where to focus in the year ahead. Here are our top 5 takeaways… 1. COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of Boomer retirements. Whether due […]

The Puzzle of a Medicare Age-in Strategy

As the Medicare marketing landscape has changed, we have seen the rate of Medicare-eligible consumers who switch plans drop, and then plateau. In this next frontier, growth strategies are likely to swap to more of a robust age-in strategy, preparing those coming up on their Medicare eligibility for the process of selecting the best plan […]

Donor Marketing Inspiring Giving In COVID Times

If you’re looking for feel good moments, you might want to steer clear of the year 2020 altogether. A rising pandemic death toll, social strife, unemployment and unease are the headlines du jour, on repeat. It doesn’t seem to be a particularly good time to ask people for money. At least that’s what we thought. […]

Customer Centricity is New Again

New year, new list after list of trends to watch for in the coming months. Scouring these lists, you’ll find that there really are a lot of similarities across the marketing spectrum. Digital is rapidly working to humanize, while the marketing industry overall is experiencing a shift (back) to direct and more personal customer connections. […]

3 Key Elements to the Creative Process

When I initially sat down to consider the creative process, my first thought was “it takes time.” But we all know you rarely ever go with your first thought. And, we seldom ever get the time desired to execute said process. So, I had to sit back and actually consider, “How DO I work? When […]

Direct Mail Is Ready to Be New Again

“Sooner or later, everything old is new again.” — Stephen King Digital advertising is no longer new. We see it, we use it, we get it. Emails and display ads are now par for the course in our marketing strategies. Digital campaigns offer a quick and easy way for brands to go to market with […]

Modernizing Direct Mail Is The Answer

In the age of insta influencers and digital natives, direct mail is often overlooked as an effective advertising tool. You might be surprised to find that market trends suggest direct mail is back in a big way! Don’t believe me? Have you checked your mail lately? Direct mail is a big part of what we […]

Fall, Football and Medicare

I love Fall. Halloween, back-to-school, nature’s change of scenery, and my beloved Seattle Seahawks taking to the field. But now as a healthcare marketer with a focus on Medicare clients, I’ve added another favorite to the Fall list – Medicare’s Annual Election Period (AEP) and the thrill of the sales and marketing race for success. […]